Saturday, December 30, 2006

Grooming: How Pedophiles and Child Molesters Groom Victims and Their Families

We have several articles that describe the grooming process that predators use both on the internet and in real life. We also offer suggestions on how to combat these dangers.

Pedophiles see themselves as “child lovers” not as abusive or dangerous. They find ways to justify their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. They often claim that parents are neglectful and that they can take better care of other people’s children by ‘loving’ and ‘caring’ for them.

Parents should beware of anyone who wants to be with their children more than they do.

The pedophiles do not want you to know this. Knowledge really is power. You need to educate yourself so that you can have power over these monsters. The power to protect your children. The power to stop them.

Pedophiles operate in a specific pattern. They are calculating, manipulative, deceptive, and very patient when it comes to acquiring their goal. If you can recognize this behavior, then you can identify the predator and stop them.

So take a look at our Grooming Articles. The more people who have this information, the fewer victims will be available for these monsters to prey on. Spread the word. We are all fighting for the safety of our children. Remember...

Sixty-seven percent of all victims of sexual assault reported to law enforcement agencies were juveniles (under the age of 18), and 34% of all victims were under age 12.

How pedophiles talk to kids

I thought I’d seen it all, or at least most of it. Now there’s a web site for little girls. Not pedophiles, but for girls. At least that’s what the pedophiles want it to look like. Gee what a cute little web site with pink colors and pretty flowers and hearts.

Wow, they say nice things like, “Being pretty means having pretty ideas, thoughts and feelings.”

And don’t forget, “If you like the graphics on this website, you can download them here for free! Neither the flower symbol nor the Special Friendship Symbol are copyrighted (I made them just for you!)”

Aww, isn’t that nice. They made that just for me!! There’s even a links section with links to cool girl and teen magazines and even educational sites. Oooh, and one to help me with my homework.

Ok, now for a reality check.

The links section may be titled “Special links for special girls”, but it has links to:

~ sites that promote removing age restrictions for sex

~ instructions on how to disable parental blocking software (for those kids who want to surf porn sites)

~ A link to “Older Man Love”- where a girl talks about her attraction to older men

~ And a site for “teens who are sexually active now or just thinking about having sex. It's called "Just Say Yes" because we're tired of people telling us what we can and can't do.”

Now for the real shocker. What Is Touching?

“You may have learned about good touching and bad touching. Probably you have been told that touching in the private parts of your body is ‘bad touching’. This is not always the case. This kind of touching is only ‘bad touching’ if you do not want to do it or do not feel comfortable with it.”

Do you really want your little girl to be reading this? Well, there’s more.

“A girl and a loving adult can form a very special bond, as the adult provides experience and knowledge, and the girl provides a fresh way of seeing the world and her excitement for life.”

They then go on to describe what kinds of touching are legal to do with your “special friend” and how to do it.

There’s a glossary that explains what words mean. “Consenting means that both people understand what they are doing and accept the responsibilities of doing it so that they can enjoy the fun of touching each other.” They go on to talk about how a child molester is a bad and selfish person, but a girllover has a “special appreciation” for young girls.

There are messages from young girls on the site. One is from an 11year old who asks about her much older boyfriend and what to do about her Mommy who doesn’t want her to see him anymore.

Here’s one of the responses from the site to this 11 year old girl:

“When adults find out that a child has been having consensual sex, they don't rush to support the child. They try to brainwash them. To convince them that what they enjoyed was actually a bad thing. That can't be done without also giving the impression that ALL sex is bad. You can have amazing experiences with an older person without risking all that.”

They have gone too far. I can just picture my niece stumbling across this pretty little web site. This is why parents absolutely have to have parental controls on their computer. Not just on their main web browser software, but something that covers internet explorer as well. Your children are at risk. You need to take precautions and monitor everything they do.

WFI recommends Awarneness Tech for monitoring your child on the computer.